Ultimate Famas Masterclass & Aim Training Guide. Mnk & Controller - The Finals

Weapon overview

Weapon overview

this is the beginning of a passion project of mine that is to create a master class for weapons that I think are either meta or have a strong potential to be meta breaking them down into striking detail and showing you how to use them as efficiently and potently as possible I really wanted to Showcase these weapons because players have simply gotten used to their predecessors, such as the specific weapons that currently dominate The Meta Even if these weapons are extremely powerful the player can only utilize its full potential when the behavior and the mechanics of the weapon is completely understood because without that knowledge your Effectiveness with it will be cut in half making you experience all the few downsides the weapon has to offer rather than all the benefits, so in this article I'm going to be starting with the Famas one of three new weapons introduced in season 2 this Burst assault rifle is deadly in both.

aim guide

Mid to far ranges and is incredibly accurate when it comes to hip firing at close ranges, however. Even with the Nerf to the F car, this assault rifle still has not managed to gain a foothold in the meta, and this. I believe, is not because of the damage it has to offer or because it doesn't have a headshot multiplier; it is simply because players do not want to stray too far from what they're used to.

This is partially why games like Apex and producing your weapon extremely broken, like the Nemesis, for example, are the only ways you're going to get players to actually invest time into learning that particular weapon in that the benefits are obtained right off the rip rather than needing to spend the time to learn the weapon itself.

beginner guide

A weapon with this attribute can be just as effective as a weapon that has high DPS but is extremely hard to control. A great example of this would be the XP54. And lh1, where the XP provides manageable recoil and consistency. And the lh1, provides a high DPS, with a very short time to kill with the only trade-off is having to deal with its insane recoil, sometimes a faster time to kill does not necessarily correlate with the potency of a weapon having moderate damage and consistency in effective ranges, can be just as effective as a weapon with a very high damage output, now the F car had the best of both worlds prior to its range and recoil nerve making it very hard now to hit shots at farther distances losing the dominance it once had in the meta I'm not saying the weapon is completely useless, because that is absolutely far from the truth it is still one of the best weapons in the game I am simply stating that it lost the level of potency it once had which as a side effect slightly cracks open the door of opportunities, for other weapons to shine as well such as the Famas, with the ability to now consistently land shots at very far ranges and a larger margin of error it allows his weapon to go head-to-head against the F car and akm when hip firing and even with mid-range engagements.

Essentially, giving it the range that the fcar once had and the forgiveness that the akm.

Why is it underrated

Why is it underrated

Provides but why is it rarely used in the arena? To answer that. I'm going to bring you back to the beta of the finals, to the time when the AKM had a manageable recoil and the F car was at full strength with more bullets in the mag during the beta; it was rare to see a player using the F-C car over the AKM, because since the AKM is the first weapon a player would get, most players had already gotten used to the behavior and mechanics of the AKM.

Because of its ease of use, the Fard didn't give a compelling enough reason to make an investment in learning an entirely different weapon that had a little bit more range and slightly better recoil. But just had a smaller mag Because Why Try To Change something that's already working is to my opinion so please don't crucify me for this that the Famas is going through the exact same situation with the fcar it's part of the reason why I suspect Embark is also changing the recoil pattern when tuning weapons, rather than just adjusting damage fallof and values thus causing the player to reinvest time in order to master or be proficient with the weapon's new behavior in the hopes that the player will choose a new weapon since they were going to have to learn a different recoil pattern anyways, but unfortunately, for embark this isn't working like it did for the akm and the FC car because the recoil adjustment wasn't as severe as the adjustment the Lewis gun had essentially driving some players that didn't want to get used to the new recoil pattern to try out the M60. Fcar players needed a more impactful reason that provided immediate results with very little effort, and that is definitely not the case with the fcar, which has a higher skill curve than the fcar but, when learned, can be just as lethal at all ranges and provide a level of accuracy and bullet forgiveness that, in my opinion, is only rivaled by the fcar, xp54, 2.

Famas guide & aim training routine

Famas guide & aim training routine

1 so to first unlock this potential, we need to understand how this gun behaves and then use this understanding to train it at all ranges in order to maximize the damage output of the Famas. So here's a little weapon overview before we get started. This gun has 27 bullets in the mag, giving you a total of nine bursts per mag, needing three to four bursts to eliminate both light and medium classes and four to six bursts to eliminate a heavy.

This will give you an opportunity to down two lights, one light and one medium, one light and one heavy, or even if the stars are a line to give you the perfect scenario, one medium and a heavy in just one mag now that we understand its potential. Let's start the routine. I'll have different variations of some scenarios for each input, as well as an indicator in the top right-hand corner of the screen showing which scenario belongs to which input.

beginner tips

Now I'm not going to go over the specifics of recoil because, first of all, it's damn near horizontal. And secondly, when in a live engagement, you're not going to be thinking about every burst in what direction it slightly sprays, being that the majority of your focus is going to be placed on your target and their movements, so for this weapon, along with most other weapons in the game.

I want you to focus on slightly pulling down and then utilizing counter-strafing, aKA recoil smoothing, to compensate for the rest. We're going to start with close-range engagement. At this range, I highly recommend that you rely strictly on hip firing. Try not to sprint while firing your weapon, because you can definitely sprint while strafing.

Welcome to the ultimate FAMAS masterclass and aim training guide brought to you by yours truly! In this comprehensive video, we dive deep into the intricacies of mastering the FAMAS on both MnK and Controller setups, ensuring you're equipped with the skills to dominate the battlefield. Whether you're a seasoned pro looking to refine your FAMAS skills or a newcomer seeking expert guidance, this guide is tailored for players of all levels. With detailed tips and techniques, I'll help you sharpen your aim and maximize your effectiveness with this powerful weapon.
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