Best" Nvidia Control Panel Settings For The Finals For Max Fps

Amazing intro

Amazing intro

Welcome back to another brand new article, and if you are playing the finals, it has been released, and I have already made a article on the best settings, so if you have not already, go check it out. All that said, let's get started.

Update to latest nvidia drivers

Video: all the right steps Number one is updating Nvidia graphic card drivers to the latest version.

I highly suggest you guys go to either {22} or download. And download the latest drivers according to your computer specifications, or else you can download GeForce. As I have downloaded, this is also software from Nvidia. And once you open up this application, it should look like this, and in the driver section, you have to click on these three dots and select the game-ready drivers.

If you select Studio Driver, it will give you the studio-dependent drivers; however, we need the game drivers, and the latest driver has support for the finals, so once again, you have to make sure that you have it downloaded and installed on your PC, so make sure to get it installed on your PC and restart it once.

After doing that, do not skip on this game-ready driver since it will fix a lot of your crashes and FPS drops. Once it's done, simply click on Close, and let's close out of this.

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Nvidia control panel tweaks

Nvidia control panel tweaks

Step number two is the best Nvidia control panel settings, and this is really important. You have to open up the Nvidia control panel on your PC, and once you are over here, you're going to have to go to adjust image settings with preview, and right over here, you have to click on use the advanced 3D image settings.

Right after that, click on Take Me There, and I will take you to manage 3D settings. Now over here, you have to make sure to set your image scaling on ambient occlusion off an isotropic filtering to application control entry aliasing f X AA off gamma correction on mode application control transparency, off application Max frame rate off Cuda gpus all.


And then you have the sism, fallback policy driver default factors of low latency. modor Ultra Max frame rate off multiframe sample ablea off, then you have open GL Auto and select your GPU from the ranging GPU, then you have power management mode. Select preferred maximum performance; right beneath that, you'll find refresh rate application control.

Shader caches 5 GB. For texture filtering, copy these settings. Right after that, you have to go down to threaded optimization and set this thing to auto, then you have triple buffering off vertical sync, use the 3D image settings, and then you have virtual reality. You have to set everything we need to off and auto.

Once it is done, go down to configure around in physics, and over here, choose your GPU as a processor. Then you have to go down to change resolution, and then over here, do not click on scaling resolution. Scroll down until you find PC, and over here you have to click on the recommended or topmost resolution supported by your PC, and for the refresh rate, you have to set the maximum label forage.

This will vary from monitor to monitor; if you have a 240 HZ monitor, it could be different for you. Then go to desktop, adjust color settings, and over here, set your digital vibration to 70%. This will improve your color settings; right beneath that, you'll find the adjust article color settings.

Click on Nvidia settings. Go to advance and set this thing to full. This will improve your dynamic range and boost the blacks. Once it is done, simply click on apply settings and then close the article control panel.

Create a restore point

Create a restore point

The next step is to create a restore point, and for that, you need to search for create a restore point on your PC, then look for your local discord, click on it, and name it the finals. Nvidia. Something like that you can remember it from, and I highly recommend you guys not skip this step because if you want to restore every setting, you can always do it without any data loss.

Secret to 0 ping

Now, lots of you guys are also facing network issues, ping issues, packet loss, skipping of your game, tatering, and a lot more, so I'd recommend you guys use Gab booster. G-Booster should look like this, and right over here you will find the finals on your homepage. If not already, you can always search for the finals from the list over here, and then simply you have to click on the Boost button, and it will boost the game from the nearest region available to you.

As you guys can see, it will give me a 66 millisecond ping, which is directly connecting my PC to the Singapore servers, and it will eliminate all kinds of ping and packet loss issues. You can also monitor your packet loss and the improvements you are making right from here. The best part over here is that you can change the region if that doesn't work for you, and you can even change the individual node just over here.

As you guys can see, I'm using the Singapore and Jakarta nodes that are nearest to me. It will autopick the nearest node, which will help you reduce your input latency as well as best ping and no packet loss just from this application.

The finals nvidia pack

The finals nvidia pack

The next step is the final Nvidia optimization and pack. You can always join my Discord server if you're facing any issues. Download this pack now. Before going into this FPS pack. I would like to tell you that the FPS pack I've given in the previous article will help you optimize your windows for this game, and this pack will help you optimize your game with respect to your Nvidia graphic card, so it is safe to use both of the FPS packs simultaneously.