The Finals: Best" Intel Hd Settings For Max Fps On Any Pc

Amazing intro

Amazing intro

Welcome back to another brand new article. In today's article, I'm going to be telling you guys what the best Intel HD graphic settings are for the finals dropped recently. A lot of you guys have been requesting that I make a article on this, so today we're going to be talking about that. Make sure to watch this article till the end and check out the channel memberships introduced recently.

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Best windows settings

Your support would be appreciated, and let's move on with the Video all right First things first are the best Windows settings, and for that, you need to open up settings on your PC, then go over to the gaming section, then go over to the game bar, and turn this thing off.

The game bar consumes a lot of memory in the background, which is really not suitable for gaming. You have to. Simply turn this thing off, then go back to gaming. Go over to Game Mode and turn this thing on. It will optimize your PC by turning things off in the background, which will help you optimize your memory usage.

Right beneath that, you'll find graphic settings. Simply open this thing up, click on change default graphic settings, and enable both of these options. It will utilize your GPU for gaming, and it will also reduce your input latency by optimizing it for window games.

Create a restore point

Create a restore point

Once it is done, simply close your settings , and let's move on to step number two, which is creating a restore point. This is really simple: simply search for create a restore point on your PC, look for a local disk, then simply click on Create and name it the finals just so you can remember it.

I highly recommend you guys not skip the step because it's really essential. To protect your PC, if you want to make sure every setting is back to normal without any data loss, you can always do it straight from this.

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Update intel hd drivers

Update intel hd drivers

Okay, the next step is updating your Intel S3 drivers, and this is also super important.

Best intel hd settings

Once you've downloaded and installed , you need to open up the Intel HD control panel and follow these best settings. Okay, simply right-click on any empty area and then select graphic properties.

Once you are into your Intel HD graphic card control panel, you have to locate and display it right over here. Simply click on it, and then here select your resolution, the maximum resolution available for your monitor, and then for a refresh rate, choose the maximum refresh rate available for your monitor.

Right beneath that, you'll find display scaling. You have to enable that now. Go to color settings, and over here, make sure that you go to Advanced, and then set your saturation up a little bit between 30 and 40 because that will give you much better visibility. Simply click on apply, and then click on yes.

Next, go to the 3D settings, and for application optimal mode, simply select this thing to enable, and then for general settings, go with it. Performance: simply click on Apply once again and press Yes. Now go over to the profiles. And right over here, you have to select all of these. Just like I have done, once it's done, go back, and this time go over to power in here.

Select maximum performance also in the on battery you have to go in and set the same for maximum performance, simply click on apply, and then simply click on yes. Last is the article section. You have to open this thing up, and over here you have to set the standard color correction to application settings.

Once it is done, simply click on apply and then press yes, and you're good to go.

Fix all network issues

Fix all network issues

Now, lots of you guys are also facing network issues, Ping issues, packet loss, skipping off your game studding, and a lot more, so I'd recommend you guys use Gab Booster. G-Booster should look like this, and right over here you will find the finals on your homepage. If not already, you can always search for the finals from the list over here, and then simply you have to click on the Boost button, and it will boost the game from the nearest region available to you.

As you guys can see, it will give me a 66 millisecond ping, which is directly connecting my PC to the Singapore servers, and it will eliminate all kinds of ping and packet loss issues. You can also monitor your packet loss and the improvements you are making right from here. The best part over here is that you can change the region if that doesn't work for you, and you can even change the individual node just over here.

As you guys can see, I'm using the Singapore and Jakarta nodes that are nearest to me. It will auto-pick the nearest node, which will help you reduce your input latency as well as ensure the best ping and no packet loss.

The finals intel hd optimization pack

The finals intel hd optimization pack

The next step is the final Intel HD optimization pack. You can simply open this thing up, and once you get over here, you have to open up the first folder, which is the final priority. You need to run the finals with high priority, and this will set your game priority to the maximum level. Right after that, you have to go to the second folder, which is GPU optimization registries.

In here, I have left a ton of registries that you need to apply to. This will improve your PC's performance and also your GPU's performance by disabling unnecessary background applications, improving your power plan and efficiency, and optimizing your PC. Don't worry, these are completely safe, and you can do them.


The third folder is the GPU priority, and in here I have left all four of these registries. The first two will disable the DVR, and if you want to review them, you can do it from here. Next are the Intel GPU priority and Intel HD responsiveness. You need to run both of them in order to optimize your GPU to its maximum level.