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The Finals is a free-to-play first-person shooter that focuses on team-based matches on maps in a destructive environment where players are encouraged to use the dynamic environment to their advantage. Starting as a complete beginner can be a little exhausting; hence, in this article, we will share with you some tips and tricks that will not only help you understand the game better but will also help you play the game more.

Perfect build

Effectively, when you're just starting, establishing a perfect build or at least a considerable build is really important in the game. There are three main types of builds: light, medium, and heavy. Each class, whether light, medium, or heavy, has unique weapons, gadgets, and special abilities.

The light build prioritizes speed but sacrifices health, making it perfect for stealth and hit-and-run gameplay, while the medium build strikes a balance between speed and damage, excelling as healers who can quickly evade attacks. Heal's allies scan for objects and offer support in combat. On the other hand, the heavy build focuses on survivability, and combat utilizing heavy weapons at the expense of speed is for beginners.

The recommended starting point is a medium build. This choice provides access to versatile weapons and gadgets. Ideally, a team should comprise all three roles, but if you find yourself playing solo, the medium build is a well-rounded option that combines the features of both classes.



What distinguishes Finals is its unique destruction system, which allows you to blow apart environments using explosives. This not only softens up enemies but also opens up new approaches. Hazards scattered across the map can be launched or used to lure opponents, while quick players can snag rewards.

Vigilance is crucial, as attacks can come from multiple angles, requiring a keen awareness of one's surroundings. Colorcoded canisters, when thrown at enemies or walls, yield various effects. Red canisters explode while green ones emit poisonous gas, adding a tactical layer to engagements; moreover, interactable buttons and elevators on maps raise or lower barriers, opening doors for additional cover.

A giant crane becomes a sniper perch or a bridge to a cash boox, while an antique cannon can demolish a strategic.

Deposit boxes

advanced tips

In the building, the cash boxes are really crucial for victory, which pay out points to the controlling team when the timer ends. Defending these cash boxes is vital, as they can be stolen by opposite teams.

A light player using a cloaking device and smoke grenades can slip into a cashbox. Zone undetected, taking control, and slipping away unnoticed just before it pays out. Winning in the game is all about collecting cash deposits, but carrying a cash-filled box makes you vulnerable to enemy attacks.

When transporting a deposit box, a useful practice is to juggle it while walking. Continuously throwing the box in the walking direction reduces the time it takes to bring up your weapon, improving your chances in a gunfight. Additionally, the deposit box can inflict a small amount of damage if thrown at enemies.

In a pinch, tossing the box at an opponent can distract them, buying you time to draw your weapon while the map is full of ziplines and ladders for scaling buildings. A quicker alternative involves ascending through windows. You can achieve this by standing on the window stool, jumping to the second window, and breaking the glass for entry.

This technique can be employed strategically, enabling surprise attacks or reaching targets.

Ziplines & ladders

Ziplines & ladders

To control the opponent's movement within a specific area, use weapons to destroy any ziplines or ladders. Also, whenever you're cashing out or stealing from a vault, break all ziplines and ladders linked to that area. This forces enemies into confined routes, allowing for better defensive positioning and an increased chance of victory for most beginners.

Overlook the possibility of eliminating these way points, causing significant disadvantages for the opposing team, so for a tactical Advantage destroys Appliance by detonating their bases, eliminating a potential method of attack, and if Lucky has any enemies using it at the moment, As you know, there are multiple ways you can interact with the environment.


Breaking things is one of the most important of them all, for which you have different choices, like using explosives, grenades, or even your melee weapon. It's better to stay far away from the enemy and deal the maximum damage possible, which can be easily done by using explosive containers or grenades to smash buildings where enemies are.

You can also wreck the place where they're collecting money to surprise them if you're using heavy builds. Grab your Malle weapon and smash walls or ceilings to surprise opponents; use jumping pads on the map to jump high and land on top of buildings to do this; use explosives to canuse enemies and make new paths or block them; this gives you a chance to attack an enemy team that's hiding; blow up the Flor under a money box to bring it down; or break into a room from the top to surprise opponents.

Each class has special items that are really useful; some of the best ones are the thermal vision zipline fragment grenade C4 and mine. The game has more than 20 gadgets you can use, so make sure to use them to find opponents and break things to get somewhere faster.

Respawn tokens

Respawn tokens

F the best advice is to avoid rushing to respond immediately. At the beginning of each match, you receive two response tokens. While these tokens allow instant revenge upon death, it's essential to use them wisely. Your teammates can revive you for free from your fallen action figure, bringing you back to the same spot where you perished, and everyone responds together after a full team wipe.

When evaluating whether to spend these tokens, consider the overall team situation. If your team is likely to lose the fight regardless of an immediate response, it's advisable to conserve the token. Save these tokens for endgame scenarios where returning to assist your teammates can be the game-changer.

Between victory and defeat, keep an eye out for miniature action figures of other players scattered across the maps; these signify down players providing enemies with an opportunity to revive their teammates if you come across these action figures. Linger for a moment to see if an opponent attempts a revival; seizing the initiative in such situations not only prevents a player from being revived but can also incapacitate the rest of their team.

Secondary weapons

Secondary weapons

You can select diverse items in addition to your primary weapon. It's essential to embrace variety in your inventory since these items replenish over time instead of being depleted.

The Finals is a free-to-play first-person shooter, which focuses on team-based matches on maps with a destructible environment, where players are encouraged to use the dynamic environment to their advantage. Starting as a complete beginner can be little exhausting, hence in this video we will share with you some tips and tricks that will not only help you better understand the game but it will also help you play the game more effectively.
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