Fix High Ping & Packet Loss The Finals. Best Network Settings

Amazing intro

Amazing intro

Welcome back to another brand new article, and in today's article, I'm going to be showing you guys how you can fix payment and packet loss issues. All of your network issues are final, so make sure to watch this article till the end, and with all that said, let's get started.

Firewall settings

Started All right, the really first thing that you have to do is the firewall setting, and the firewall is something you have inbuilt on your Windows, so simply search for firewall and then go over to firewall and network protection on your PC.

Once you are over here, you have to maximize your screen just so you can see everything that is Av labeled, and the most important thing over here that you're looking for is allowing an app through the firewall. Simply click on this, and this window will pop right in front of you. Now all you have to do is click on this change setting button right over here, and now you can edit the applications and the features.

Now what you have to do is simply click on allow another app, and then you have to click on the browse button and locate the installation directory of the finals. Once you have located the installation directory, you have to simply click on Discovery. Exe, and then simply click on open, and you have to click on ADD.

Now I've already added it, so now you have to just load a discovery in this list, and by default, you'll find the finals in this list. Now what you have to do is make sure to press on the tick marks over here and enable the private and public check marks right over here. This is really important because it will allow your game to utilize both the private and public sectors of the internet. To be on the safer side, this will not pose any issues or wait for a response from the private or public meter well before moving ahead.

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Control panel settings

Control panel settings

Step number two is the control panel settings, and for that, you need to open a control panel, of course, and right over here you have to click on network and internet, then go over to Network and Sharing Center, and right over here you'll find your Ethernet or your wireless connection. Simply click on it, and then this will pop right in front of you.

Go to Properties. And then you will find your Internet Protocol version 4; simply double-click on it and then click on Use the following DNS server; simply press, as well as, right. Over here, and then simply click on okay once it is done. Simply click on okay once again, and then you have to go over to properties once again then you have to click on configure right over here and once the property opens up go to power management and make sure to disable the first option that is allow the computer to turn off this device to save power this will help you to reduce your computer automatically turning off your ethernet cable just to save power which you do not really want and this will in turn fix all of your packet loss and latency issues, one more important thing right over here is right under the advanced section, where you have to scroll a little bit down until you find speed and duplex you have to set this thing to Auto negotiation.

And then the packet priority in the VLAN. Simply set this thing to the packet priority in v and enable it. Once it is done, you have to simply click OK, and you're good to go.



Step number three is MS config, and for that, you need to press your Windows and R keys together and search for MS config right over here. Now, once system configuration opens up for your PC, you have to go all the way down to the boot section. Go to the advanc option. Select the number of processors and choose the maximum number of processors available for your PC.

Then you have to click okay, then go back to the services section. Click on hide all Microsoft services and disable all unnecessary services. For your PC, some of these services could be related to Adobe, some of them will be related to your RGB, and some will be your fan services. Your browser update services printer services, which you do not want to be running every time you're using your PC because most of these services consume your internet in the background as well as your processing power, which leads to FPS as well as packet loss.

Once you're done applying all of them, simply click on Apply.

Secret to 0 ping


Now there is one more simple option that can help you reduce your input latency as well as your ping issues and packet loss: a gear booster. Gear booster should look like this, and right over here you will find the finals on your homepage.

If not already, you can always search for the finals from the list over here, and then simply you have to click on the Boost button, and it will boost the game from the nearest region available to you. As you guys can see, it will give me a 66 millisecond ping, which is directly connecting my PC to the Singapore servers, and it will eliminate all kinds of ping and packet loss issues.

You can also monitor your packet loss and the improvements you are making right from here. The best part over here is that you can change the region if that doesn't work for you, and you can even change the individual node just over here. As you guys can see, I'm using the Singapore and Jakarta nodes that are nearest to me.

It will autopick the nearest node, which will help you to reduce your input latency as well as best ping and no packet loss just from this application.

Create a restore point

Create a restore point

now the next step is creating a restore point, and this is really, really essential, and I highly recommend you guys not skip this. Simply search and create a restore point on your PC, and once you open up system protection, you have to scroll to find your local disk. Click on configure and make sure the turn-on system protection is enabled.