The Finals: 50 Ranked Tips Every Solo Needs To Know



It has been quite a ride, boys. Soloing most of the way to Diamond has been mentally taxing and exhausting, partly because I'm an introvert and mostly because I don't have any friends. However, there are a few things that I've learned along the way that would have made my life a lot easier while grinding, and this is going to be hard to believe but made it enjoyable as well.

In this article, I will share with you 50 tips for ranking in the finals that will go over a winner's mindset and solo preparation, glass selection, and in-game strategies. Also, subscribe for old things to finals.

Mindset, attitude, etiquette

And yeah let's cut the [ __ ] and get right into it the first set of tips I want to talk about is mindset, attitude and etiquette starting with not letting your pride and Katie get in the way of winning it does not matter if you get the assist as long as the opponent is eliminated, it'll give your team the advantage and get you closer to keeping or stealing the cash out the next is to always assume that you have to carry having this been mentality will lead to less disappointment when paired up with teammates that are less skilled you need to essentially expect the worst, and hope for the best the next is to treat your teammates with the same respect you would want to be treated with yourself and with that being said do not play the finger pointing game when something goes wrong beating a dead horse or calling your teammates a dumbass is not going to help them play at 100% capacity, just say good try and move on remember they can always turn off their mic which can be even more of a detriment to your team play and potentially, lose you 100 plus points now we're moving on to the next category, which is self-preparation.

Self preparation

Self preparation

Now, placing an APS turret down and standing right in the center of it is just not going to cut it because the heavy that is throwing the nuke at you can simply explode that nuke right outside of the APS turret's range and still do an incredible amount of damage even after the nerf. So rather than standing in the middle of it, place the aps turret in front of you so that the projectile needs to pass it in order to get to you, thus nullifying its damage and effect.

Now that we are going to transition to heavies, learning to use the dome shield is extremely useful. It can help you cap cash outs, revive teammates, provide cover when the enemy is aping you, and even help you and your teammate close gaps. If you were a light man and wanted to be a paranoid schizophrenic, rank.

50 tips

I highly recommend learning how to use the glitch grade. Combo, this combo can essentially wipe teams and completely remove their abilities, and the combo goes like this throw a glitch grenade then grenade, then glitch then grenade, deactivating their abilities, doing damage and deactivating, abilities if you missed it the first time and then doing more damage now the next two tips are things that you can casually do while playing quick cash or bank it and that is to actively try to memorize, each map layout while in game to the best of your ability this will help you set up for better Vantage points defend cash outs and most importantly get to the cash out faster with the quickest route the next is to try your best to memorize all the Vault spawn points this is very advantageous, when you have no choice but to wait for the next Vault to respond allowing you to position yourself appropriately, to get there as quick as possible, now let's move on to the next category which is class pick and load out these are the tips that pertain on what you need to do when you're in the pregame Lobby right before a tournament.

The first is to click J to view your teammates loadout and figure out which one of your profiles will best support them when choosing a class specialization. When loading out, always make sure that it is effective in several scenarios rather than one that requires your team's assistance. This is because you do not know if your teammate even understands the class that they are using, if they play aggressively, or even if they stick with the team.

The class you choose has to not only be a one-man army but also effectively aid your teammates. This is exactly why light and solo queues are such a liability because their effectiveness and survival are dependent on teamwork. Also, when choosing your class, remember that the current meta is medium, heavy, or medium-heavy.

With that knowledge, as you will. I know somebody out there will say, but actually light is viable, and yes, they are; however, in diamond lobbies, you will rarely find one in round three or the final round. This is because light has a very low survivability.

Best solo specilization

Best solo specilization

Is a shield due to its versatility. The best solo specialization for light at the moment is invisibility; the main reason for this is survivability. However, all specializations are equally effective when learned. The only reason why invisibility is preferred is because of its ease of use now on to the best solo weapons.

Starting with medium again, the akm. And the F car, the shotgun, and the revolver are also very effective but lack range and depend on team play. If they are used, you have to be sure your teammates have guns that can compensate for that lack of range. The best solo weapons for heavy are the Lewis gun G and the shotgun.

The Lewis is effective in almost all ranges with fantastic iron sights and recoil, while the shotgun may be only effective in medium to close ranges. However, with the amount of health heavy has as well as the mesh and dome shield, closing the gap between you and the target is extremely easy. The best solo weapon for light is Bar None, the XP.

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