The Finals 50 Tips Every Heavy Player Must Know (beginner To Pro)

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One of the Reddit users found a way to send the cash out flying, especially in spots where you hate holding it. Try to always start your fights with an RPG and a bubble to inflict a good amount of burst damage and keep your teammates alive and happy. You can use your melee while you are holding your mes.

Shield will allow you to finish off one HP target that is trying to push you, as well as break windows and get inside without the risk of dying. You can create a tower of Goo to get to high ground and surprise your enemies with an unexpected angle. Try to always use the natural cover, as it will allow you to get safe when you feel like it instead of mindlessly spamming your shotgun shots.

Try to be as precise and accurate as you possibly can with every single shot. Take your time, and make sure that you hit enemies with as much damage per second as possible. You can actually use your charge while you are stealing the cash out in order to destroy everyone getting close. If you find yourself being pushed by multiple teams, one of the best strategies you can use on heavy is to play below for the drop.

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In a heavy plus medium composition, it's always very important to hold hands together because your medium enables you with movement and you enable him with protection and point presence. Always pay close attention to how many bullets you have in your chamber before a small reload. Perhaps you would want to shoot a few, perform a small reload, and then engage in a fight with full power.

You can destroy pretty much any building in the finals if you are able to destroy half of the loadbearing. Walls, if your medium is low HP, try to always protect him using your mes shield. Make sure that he is safe until his self-regeneration starts kicking in. Use your RPG and C force in order to blow up walls and ceilings when you are rotating to save some time when you are going for a third party.

Try to always keep the high ground advantage, especially if you are playing with a Lou gun. Before committing to a fight with the bubble, make sure that you get every single free kill that's running around mindlessly. And after that, drop down and finish everyone else up. You need to spend some time working on your movement; it needs to be crisp; it needs to be very fast and unpredictable.

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Try to go for slides, jumps, and croquets to make it as uncomfortable for your enemies to fight you as possible. This is one of the best ways to counter the cringe. Double C4 barrel meta is to RPG it, a person that's holding a barrel will blow up instantly and perhaps will blow the teammates up as well.

The Lou Gun is an incredibly accurate weapon up close, so make sure that you don't advertise. You can do a little bit of trolling on the side while picking up the gas barrel; you can process it with your melee. By the way, if you throw it, it's going to explode on impact. After winning your first one-versus-one duel, make sure that you place a barrel to make it way harder for enemy players to approach you and push into it; it will block RPGs.


See if there are four cringe-worthy barrels and make your life easier. There is absolutely no need to aim down sides while using the SA 1216, as the recoil pattern stays the same but iron sight will block and make it harder for you to see enemies. Make sure that you have a few C4s on a cash out as a backup plan if you are not ready to approach the cash out early, unfortunately.

This strategy is not as valid because good teams are going to blow the C4s up before attempting the steal as a heavy player, especially if you are the only heavy player on your team. It's almost never your job to steal the cash out; instead, ask your medium or light player to do it and use your shield bubble and a body block to protect them and keep them safe from enemies that would try to interrupt the steel.

You can block teammates and enemies by using your goo gun, keeping them in one place for half a second. It feels like you will be able to close the distance with them and do something interesting. Ask your medium player for a jump pad and a z line as their utility of choice. This way, you will be able to access high ground, get advantageous positions, and overall be faster on defenses and steals of the cash out.


When you are going for a one-versus-one duel, it's very important to understand the timing of your shield if you want to take it down and shoot enemies while they are about to reload. A barricade can be a great alternative to the dome shield; you can use it with a Lou gun to get to a position and shoot enemies while being completely safe.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to rescue a teammate quickly, use your bubble. It's very important to choose the correct timing while you are going for a third party. Perhaps instead of trying to press the W key, you would want to pretend that you are fighting someone by shooting the wall, and then when enemies are going to fight each other, you're going to collect free kills because they would be severely wounded out of cooldowns and out of ammo.

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You can always get people out of their advantageous position on The High Ground by shooting them with an RPG. The safest way to win the team fight if you have an advantage over your opponent is to let him spend all his resources on your shield while your teammates are preparing. While he is alive, hands down, the best all-around weapon for the heavy right now is going to be the Louis gun.

You don't force yourself to get close to enemies, but you still remain incredibly deadly and powerful. Up close If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, you can make a call to play behind your shield while you are rotating from cover to cover. The fastest way to destroy a crane is to go for a red barrel plus an RPG below the control panel.

You can use barricades to create additional layers of defense while your teammates are stealing the cash. When closing the distance with enemies, make sure that he spends all of his resources on your shield because your health is far more important. You can use a barricade on certain entrances to force enemies into a mantling animation, making them incredibly vulnerable.

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If you find yourself in a very uncomfortable position during a lost team fight, make sure that you drop down and slow reset without dying too much. The worst thing you can do is lose 30% of what you've gained before. If you are fighting another person with the C4 barrel, cringe. The first one to throw it will be the one that's going to win the fight.

50 Tips Every Heavy Player Must Know That Actually Work In Season 1 The Finals.
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