The "best" Controller Settings For The Finals "full Release Update" Pc, Xbox Series S/x & Ps5


Smooth, but if you were a controller player, you would remember that the game wasn't 100%. Perfect for us; it had a few issues; it had a few features missing; and honestly, coming into the full launch of the game here, it seems like a lot of those problems have actually been fixed, so in today's article.

I'm going to be going over all the best settings that you could currently be running on your controller. Xbox, or PlayStation. Between them all, this will definitely help in the long term. I recommend leaving this on and then your crosshair. 100%, preference I'm honestly just playing with the default here; I haven't really found a need to change anything as of yet.

I'll probably tweak with it and mess with it, but I really don't think this is going to impact your gameplay a whole ton, so do with it as you want.

best controller settings

This is exactly what I was running back into the beta and copying over into the full game. Here, it feels just as good if you guys remember your sensitivities. From the beta, you can pretty much just copy; it doesn't seem like anything's really changed in that regard. I do recommend offsetting your sensitivity a little bit, so I'm running 300 on the horizontal and 250 on the vertical just because you're going to be looking left and right a lot more than up and down, so when you're trying to track people through the air, you don't overshoot too much.

I've always done this in pretty much any game I've played, and I've found a lot of success with it. It's not just like full-on Zoom for like Scopes and stuff; this is just Adsing L triggering across the board. Now I have it at 70%. I think back in the beta I was playing with about 60 or 50%; it really depends on where you want it, depending on how fast your sensitivity is.

If I were playing on 500 horizontal and, you know, 450 vertical, I'd probably want to lower this to about 40% or 50%, just to make my advertising a little more accurate, so do keep that in mind. You're definitely going to want to tweak this; you want it to be slower, you want to be able to hit your shots, and it's going to be 100% unique based on your sensitivities.


As it's a percentage off of those focal length sensitivity scalings, I'm not sure what this does. This is brand new to the full release of the game. Here. I've turned it off and on, and I've not really noticed any difference at all, so I'm just going to leave it on because it was on by default horizontally, and the vertical look boost is just going to be like an acceleration.

controller settings

The boost setting is that you set here, so pretty much what this does is if you hold your aiming STI all the way off to One Direction over a certain period of time, it's going to slowly ramp up and reach the end goal being whatever the boost setting is that you set here, so I have my horizontal to 200 I have my vertical on zero because I don't want no sensitivity, boost when I'm looking up and down personally I think running vertical boost is going to make you miss shots if you're trying to track people in the air there's a lot of verticality, in this game so I really don't recommend this horizontal look boost however I do recommend as it will help you like 180, turn on people maybe if you want to go for something fancy and hit a 360, on somebody it will help with stuff like that just turning on the enemy being able to get the jump on them snap back if you're getting shot at the look boost The ramp-up time is exactly what it says; it's the ramp up time the time it takes to fully reach whatever your look boosts.

The lower you set it, the more instant it's going to be, and the higher you say it, the longer it's going to take for you to actually get that ramp-up speed increase. I'm just leaving it at default; I think defaulting to 5 feels good. I wouldn't really recommend changing it unless you feel it feels off the zoom.

Horizontal and vertical look boosts are the exact same thing as just the look boost, except for the differences. This one applies when you're advertising. Now, this one isn't necessarily too bad to have on. I turned this a little lower, I turned it a little bit higher, and I've been messing around.


I think 4040 was the default, and so that's what I'm just kind of keeping it at right now. It feels good. I feel like I'm able to track people, stick to people, and by having the look ramp up time out of one, it's not going to instantly start jolting around if you're trying to, you know, snap a snapshot.

For somebody, give it a try. I mess around with this a little bit, but for the most part, I just recommend leaving it on 4041, which I think is the default for, like I said, aiming and movement. Dead Zone This is going to be 100% unique to the individual. As a controller, you want to lower this as much as you can go without getting stick drift, so if your character starts slowly walking off in a certain direction or looking off in a certain direction, you want to go ahead and bump this up until that doesn't happen.

full release

I found that 3 and 44 are when I start getting it myself, so I have it at 55. It feels good; no problems. Invert the vertical look input. This is if you want your up to be down and your down to be up. Some people play with that. I don't know how that's weird. Your look response curve is actually really, really important; it's going to affect the overall feel of your controller when you're looking around and when you're aiming personally.

I've been hopping in between exponential here and Senu, Suu swle. I don't know how you're supposed to say this word, Senu, Swle. Swle sounds like a Pokemon, but pretty much I have it on S here because I feel like it gives me a little bit more control in the smaller areas and the smaller adjustments when I'm aiming, so being able to go from the body to the head without having so much stress on where my thumb is exactly on the stick, if that makes sense, felt pretty good as well.


I really don't recommend linear. I see lots of people playing linear games. It makes sense why people like playing linear, but when you look at any competitive game at the highest levels, the pro players, whatever you want to call them, you will never find people who use linear, because it is actually more of a disadvantage for you as it makes the smaller adjustments harder to hit, and if you adjust your sensitivity to where the smaller adjustments are easier to hit, it's going to make turning on people you know a lot harder in the 180s and 360s.

Stuff like that look acceleration just leaves us at 0%; you already have look boost; there's no need to add acceleration. On top of that, unless you want to turn off the look boost and try running acceleration and see how that feels instead, something else super important and easy to get used to for this game is the direction.

The Finals has finally launched! And these are the BEST updated Controller Settings for PC, Xbox Series SX PS5! For those wondering the controller I use is a HexGaming controller.