The Finals. Season 2 Ultimate Guide - Deep Dive Into New Weapons, Gadgets, Game Mode, And More



Apologies; we seem to be having some technical difficulties, but one thing is certain: it will be fun. This season, introduce a lot of new stuff, a gadget specialization map game mod, and more. Let's review all of this in detail.

Career circuit: explore the new career circuit system, where weekly challenges and contracts from seasonal sponsors progress your from rookie to master

career circuit, a newly introduced system offers weekly rewards from seasonal sponsors.

Allowing contestants to progress from rookie to mastery by completing contracts through the season, you'll need to complete weekly challenges with a set of career goals that help you grow in skills and experience, using a variety of play styles. At the end of the set, there will be a sponsor reward.

This idea provides more incentives to experiment with the different loadouts and gadgets, but you still have options to roll a contract if you're struggling with a particular objective. I personally find it's a great idea not to only experiment with the different gadgets but to do it in a targeted manner and get rewarded even if you struggle with a particular weapon.

Battle pass: dive into the updated battle pass with 96 new cns hacked style cosmetic items, featuring unique rewards

Battle pass: dive into the updated battle pass with 96 new cns hacked style cosmetic items, featuring unique rewards

All out The battle pass has been updated with 96 new cosmetic items. This season is focused on the CNS hex style, offering a diverse range of items. My personal highlight is the level 60 reward, which features a pair of wires designed to replace the standard fibrillator. It looks brutal, and the Minecraft theme sort at level 88 is not bad either.

I would be interested to hear what's your favorite battle pass item this season.

Matchmaking: insights into private matches with a 6-player limit and revamped ranked league matchmaking

Section introduces some exciting changes to the overall matches. First up, Embark is rolling out the private match option, initially limited to six people, and it includes quick cash and bank. As of the start of the season, the rank-league matchmaking system has been completely revamped to better address skill gap concerns.

From season 2 onwards, your individual skills will play a significant role in team formation. This should ideally prevent scenarios where Diamond players end up in the bronze , Matches , let's dive into details of the three new weapons available this season.

New weapon analysis: all details about the effective weapon range, patterns, falloff distance

New weapon analysis: all details about the effective weapon range, patterns, falloff distance

First, the light CL gets the 93r, a burst fire machine pistol that is a powerhouse within 10 m. It fires three shots per burst with moderate accuracy, but keep in mind that it has a vertical weapon pattern, which is easier to control, but it makes achieving consistent head shots a bit challenging, impacting your overall ttk.

From my experience, the 93r demands some accuracy skills, especially when engaging targets. Beyond 10 meters of effective range, missing even a single shot could require an additional burst to compensate. For 93r, you will need three shots to take down a medium class, two for a light class, and four bursts for a heavy class.


It is worth noting that achieving all head shots is quite difficult and doesn't seem to significantly alter the efficacy. Next up for the medium class is the Famas burst rifle, an excellent choice for medium- to long-range combat. It's a visually appealing weapon firing three shots per burst with impressive accuracy, which should facilitate achieving an effective DK.

Please note that this article features the pre-release version of season 2, where the Famas shooting pattern didn't function correctly. This will be rectified in the final release. The demonstrated effective TTK in this article is based on body shots rather than critical head shots, giving it optimal range consistently.

Landing all the critical shots will be quite challenging, especially with the upcoming adjustment to the shooting pattern. Here are the effective TT case numbers for body shots: medium class required for burst Light class required three bursts; heavy class required five bursts; achieving call critical sh can reduce the ttk by one burst.

I personally found the Famas a bit challenging, mainly due to its manual 3-burst mechanism. While it's a formidable weapon, it may require some practice to master the rhythm of rapidly pressing the shooting button for an effective burst rate. Last but not least, let's talk about the heavy class and their exciting new addition, the KS23.


Shotgun this Powerhouse is a highly effective slug shotgun notable for its exceptional damage output and range. It stands out as a potential top choice for heavy users, primarily due to its range capabilities and minimal field of view. There is not much else to say about this formidable weapon. The following footage speaks for itself except that it delivers impact like Arena at all ranges, maintaining a consistent TK.

However, it's worth mentioning that on console, the assist feature might make this KS23 shotgun a bit overpowering, allowing players to effectively snipe across the entire range. Let's talk about the gadgets. There are three new gadgets and one specialization. The white class gets a new gadget called Gateway.

class system

It's a power-limited range. Deployable portals: when both are thrown and activated, contestants and objects can move between the two locations. Anyone can use a portal, but players cannot see or shoot through them. Perfect for a quick get-away, you can easily travel between portals while carrying canisters or throwing canisters through the portal.

I found the best use of the portals as an offensive mechanism rather than a defensive one because lights have invisibility. Just throw the portal to the area that opponents defend, for example, a bank area, and keep sending them gas from high canisters through the portal. For mediums, there is a new specialization called dematerializer.

The contestants temporarily erased physical surfaces like walls, ceilings, or ghouls, allowing them to see and pass through them. You can create a new passage, close it back up again, and turn any obstacles into an open door for you and your team. It's effective against a fortification where you can easily get through the areas where the enemy doesn't expect you at all.

It's also useful to make canisters from surrounding furniture if you don't have anything around. For heavy objects, there is a deployable anti-gravity cube gadget that manipulates gravity in its immediate area, lifting objects upward. Is it a traversal tool or a defense gadget? It's up to each team to decide.

I personally found it useful to fortify your defenses, especially when a team is trying to steal your bank. Just throw an anti-gravity cube there and a few grenades to cause complete chaos.

The Finals | Ultimate In-Depth Guide to Season 2 All You Need to Know.
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