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I've compiled, 100 tips and tricks for the finals and put them all in this one article from the best settings gameplay advice and secret techniques you never knew before we will cover it all in this one article and without wasting any time tip one you probably already know that you can activate these buttons by clicking your interact, key you can also activate the buttons by shooting them you can double up on a cash out if you take both of the vaults to the same cash out it will double the reward I highly recommend this when your team is in the lead and you're playing a tournament and you don't want to give two different teams the opportunity to pass you up and knock you out now this next tip is the most, overpowered.

Thing in the game right now if you aren't taking advantage of this you are missing out on a lot of free kills attach breach charges to throwable, preferably, the red or the green ones then throw the canister at an enemy and blow it up this will deal massive damage and can instant kill enemy this also works with mines but it slows down the speed of throwing so it isn't quite as effective you could destroy buildings simply by shooting them it does take a while but if you have your entire, team shooting the same Squad it can be done much faster there's a technique called window hopping that allows you to scale buildings by climbing up the window all you need to do is look up walk backwards out of the window then hold down your forward input and immediately, jump and mantle and window helping helps you be unpredictable.


As most enemies expect you to be walking up the stairs, if you absolutely. You have to take the stairs; there is a trick to take them much faster. All you have to do is go around the center of the staircase, then jump, do a 180, and repeat. It will take some practice to get this down consistently.

But it is a lot faster than running up the stairs if you shoot a gas canister; once it does, it will blow up exactly. 15 seconds later, I find this super useful. Just throw a canister. At the cash show, shoot it once. Run away enemies will go steal it. They'll try to steal it at least, and it will blow up, and you get the free elimination.

Always be prepared to melee in a close-range gun fight a lot of the time, especially with weapons like the F car or the light-class shotguns. When the enemies have low HP and you run out of ammo, being prepared to melee will help you get that last little bit of damage and secure the elimination. Learn the recoil patterns of your favorite weapon.

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All you need to do is go to the frying range and shoot into a wall without controlling the recoil. This is going to show you the recoil pattern and how to control the recoil. All you need to do is move your aim in the opposite dire Direction place your jump pad on goo to control the angle you want it placed and if you want to take High Ground as a heavy player you don't have that many movement, options but one thing that you can do is jump and shoot your goo gun at your feet this will allow you to build a goo Tower definitely not as good as a jump Pad but heavy players don't really have any other option you could also make a goo bridge to help you get around the map if you throw a do Shield at an enemy they can't shoot out of it forcing them to either move or shoot it down the healing beam cancels out gas damage so it is a great counter, gas nades and gas mine if you use the Dome Shield there is no doubt there's been a time where you threw it down and it slid away from where you wanted to stop this from happening all you have to do is right click or use the left trigger for a controller to underhand throw it and this will stop it from sliding away if you shoot the bottom of a goo Tower.

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Every other piece will be destroyed with it if you're in the lead. Run away with the vault money so nobody else can start a cashout and force overtime. Make sure you have enemy team colors turned on so you can see exactly which team you're fighting. Max out your field of view; with a lower field of view, you will quite literally see less of what's going on.

Turning up your fov will allow you to see much more, and you will catch some enemies on the edges of your screen that you never would have seen on a low fov. Change up your keybind. The problem with the default keybind is that you constantly have to move your fingers off of your movement key so you can actually use your abilities.

You want to switch it around so you can click and use your abilities without having to do much of anything. If you're wondering, this is what I'm using, but it all comes down to what you're used to. At the end of the day, use the goo gun to block off jump pads and slow down the enemies. Mines have a distinct ticking.

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Sound always be listening for the sound so you don't run into any on accident and get yourself a, to win the match kills are not very important if you want to climb the ranks and win your matches you need to play The Objective and use abilities and teamwork that help win the objective if there is anything obstructing a player's trophy you can't use a defibrillator, on them this includes random material on the maps and enemy Shield this next tip will help you eliminate recoil on your guns this trick is called recoil smoothing to do this all you have to do is strafe in One Direction while pulling your aim in the opposite direction this will almost completely, take away the recoil on your gun every time you start the Vault you run one $1, 000, and every time you start a cash out you earn $2, 000.

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This extra bit of money could help push your team into the lead during those close matches if you run slide onto a jump pad it will take you further than simply running into the pad and if you combine it with the next tip you can go even further bunny hopping so bunny hopping allows you to keep a bit of your momentum, after using movement abilities like jump pads or grappling hooks all you need to do is hold down your Sprint input and hit jump every time you hit the ground and if you want some solid aim focus on your Crosshair placement Crosshair placement is simple all it is having Crosshair positioned where an enemy is likely to pop out it seems obvious but you would be surprised at how many players run around with a Crosshair glued to the ground or some random wall fire like the Pyro grenades or red canisters, takes away gas and then smoke nades or gray canisters will take away fire and you can also use thermal vision to see through smoke making the smoke grenade, and thermal vision an underrated.


Setup for the light class; make sure you destroy the zip lines that lead to the cash out you're defending. This will make it much more difficult for the enemies to get to you and will help kill some time while you're defending. If you want to destroy the zipline lines from the bottom, all you have to do is shoot or melee this little metal piece.

I have compiled 100 tips and tricks in The Finals and put them all in this video.
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