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I got to see and play the finals of season 2 early, and they really blew it out of the park here. So here is everything new and everything that you need to know about the upcoming season. Let's get into the obvious things first, starting with the loadouts and the classes. First off, the finals do not only have one but three new weapons.

This season, Light now has the 93r, which is a free-shot Pur fire pistol with a pretty sizable amount of damage. It wasn't too hard to control, and a ttk could be compared somewhere between a MP5 and maybe a v9s medium. Also, there's the new, famous burst AR, which is also fairly easy to control and comes with some pretty smooth animations.

That being said, all things considered. I'd probably still run the AK or the F car over the Famas due to its damage, the fact that'the F car actually has a sight on it, and of course heavy received The KS23 slug shotgun shooting at this bad boy fires a projectile slug over a very long range, dear God.

Okay, that deals 120 damage per shot at close range with some falloff. In addition to that, we're also seeing new abilities for every class, all focused around a hacker. Light now has the Gateway Gadget. This nifty thing allows you to place two portals up to 70 meters away from each other. You can enter the portal by hitting the use key on it.

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It can take you both ways between the two portals and can be used by teammates and enemies alike until it eventually despawns after a period of time. Most importantly, the gateway will retain any momentum that you had as you entered it, and you can even fire projectiles or throw things through it to have them fly out on the other side.

Medium actually receives two abilities this season, the first being the dematerializer, Specialization. This ability has free charges and can remove a piece of a wall, a prop, or a piece of cover that's in the way of being dematerialized. Props can then be rematerialized. By using the secondary fire key by any medium player, no matter what team they're on personally, I'm super happy to see this one because this will allow me to start ice fishing as a medium.

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In fact, not only can I now ice fish as a medium, but I can instantly close the gap up the second I get a kill to the Dem materializer, which takes the place of the Recon Sensus that appears to be out this season, but more on that later. Medium also got the data reshaper gadget, and this thing is insane.

Using the data reshaper on any object, such as a prop, a barrel, or even grenades, will turn it into something completely different. In the case of barrels, it will change the type of barrel that you are looking at, and if you use it on an enemy active grenade or gadget, it will turn it into something harmless, like, say, a flower pot.

The gadget will disarm a grenade or RPG that's headed your way as the heart midair; it will even reshape enemy domes or barricades. The data reshaper can reshape several objects at the same time, as long as they're close enough together. These medium gadgets could not come soon enough, especially seeing as well as starting off this season streams by soling to Diamond by only playing Medium as for heavy, they now have the anti-gravity.


Cube, and when thrown the anti-gravity, Cube will create sort of an elevator that can cause any loose objects above it to start floating upwards. Players inside this elevator will gradually float upwards until they eventually float out of it using their movements. Keys: The anti-gravity field will retain any momentum that you have when entering it, so if you're flying into it or jumping upwards, you will go in the same direction until you actually leave the elevator.

The anti-gravity field will also pick up things, such as a cash out, if you want to move them somewhere else. We're also seeing a lot of changes to loadout gadgets and classes as we know them. As for medium, they lose access to the tracking dart and the sonar grenade while losing access to the motion sensor.

As for medium, they lose access to recon sensors, as I mentioned earlier, as well as the sonar grenade and ATT tracking dart, meaning that for the first time ever, medium is the only class without any recon or scanning abilities. But that's not the only; huge balance changes to medium either as a quality of life change.

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The healing beam now shows an icon whenever a teammate needs healing and is within range, and you are aiming close enough to actually have the heal start the defibrillator. I also saw a huge Nerf where defibrillating a teammate no longer instantly revives them; instead, it will act as a hands-free revive, and a person being revived is stuck in one place, waiting for that revive to finish while showing a very visible model alerting the enemies that a revive is about to go off.


Thankfully, there's a long grace period after the revive where you can't get killed, but it's definitely a lot weaker than the defibrillator that we have seen so far, which is good, and as for heavy, they can now use the motion sensor, you know, in addition to some pretty big Nerfs as well. The L gun recoil feels a lot stronger with more horizontal recoil, the RPG feels a lot slower and has bolk gear to aim down sights with and to use, and most importantly, the C4 can only be carried one at a time; in fact, the C4 And nukes are seeing a huge change to season as I said the C4 can now only be stacked one at a time but there also seems to have been some changes made du the weight Nerf that we saw in previous Seasons, where you start throwing it or letting go of can attach a C4 to a green or orange barrel for a decent amount of air time, but if you try sticking a C4 to a red Barrel as soon as you start throwing it or let go of it will instantly spin out the second it leaves your hands and just fly all over the place.

In addition, the C4 plac on a prop doesn't seem to be primed until it actually leaves your hands, meaning that you cannot activate the C4 until almost two or so seconds after it's actually been thrown. So after some initial attempts, it's safe to say that nukes are finally dead. Initial testing showed that some weapons also felt a bit different, but I didn't have enough time to give them the proper test other than noting that some weapons, such as the CL40 and Fard, felt different to use.

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I couldn't exactly figure out whether the F car felt better because of any changes to the gun or if the game was just running better. The preview build was super smooth compared to the live build that I played the day prior, and I'm hoping that the live patch on the 14th will be just as good when the new season drops.

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