The Ultimate Aim Training Guide 2.0. No Bs. The Finals 2024

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Just like I promised today I bring to you the finals aim training guide 2.0, which will not only significantly improve your aim over time but also help you warm up before jumping into a rank tournament or even if you just plan on playing casually in bankout the aim training techniques in this article are rooted from some of the best kovax routines out there created by some of the best aimers in the world so no I did not just pull these methods out of my ass; I cherry picked only the ones that will benefit you guys the most in click timing, tracking, and target.

Acquisition, so before we get started, I need to ask you guys a special favor. Before we get started. I want to go over some terms that I think you guys should know before going through this routine, so that you'll have a better understanding of the scenarios I am presenting to you today.

Important aiming terms

Important aiming terms

The first term is dynamic clicking and tracking. This is when we have a target that is moving. The second term is called static clicking and tracking.

This is when we have a stationary target. The next is strafe aiming, which is essentially mirroring; this is when you synchronize your strafe with the target; and lastly, we have counter strafing, which is another form of strafe aiming, but this time you're going to be moving in the opposite direction of the opponent, which is very important for peaking, maintaining first bullet accuracy, and forcing your opponent into an awkward position by overreaching past their comfort zone.

What I mean by this is that most players do not fully utilize their entire mouse pad when tracking; this is generally not something that is prioritized unless you aim train or run with very low sensitivity, so by counter-strafing, you can make the opponent miss more shots than they intended, which could potentially give you an advantage in the game. Engagement, all right Let's get started.

Centering explanation and warmup

Centering explanation and warmup

If you're a longtime viewer of mine, you already know that we always start our warm-up with centering. Now, centering is vital for this game, and that is primarily because of the ttk. The longer your reticles remain on the target, the shorter Time to Kill comes from the automatic.

All the way to the single burst weapons, centering is always going to be applied, so this warm-up will get your wrist as well as forearm accustomed to making micro adjustments as well as conditioning your eyes to focus and exclude a specific target from the environment. In this warm-up, we'll be maintaining your target in the center of the screen at all costs, going in and out of ads, and moving around the target with long 1-second straights from side to side, all while randomizing distances from close to far ranges.

I highly recommend that you throw in a couple of 1-second crouches and jumps while close to the target. I want you to do this for 5 minutes without rest to really get dialed in, then we're going to move on to vertical centering. We're going to do this by going to the medium class, throwing the jump pad down next to the bigger jump pad, and hopping between the two all while maintaining the target in the center of the screen as much as possible. Don't forget to mix in both hip fire as well as ads while doing this warm-up, and I want you to do this for 2 to 5 minutes before moving on to the actual routine.

How to perform click-timing aim scenarios

How to perform click-timing aim scenarios

Now the first category we're going to tackle is click timing. We're going to start with a dynamic and static click timing scenario.

Dynamic being the moving dummies and static being the stationary ones, this will help you find targets very quickly and teach you how to move to the next very quickly and efficiently. Please do not try to be your favorite streamer and flick at these targets; you'll only create bad habits and most likely miss your shots.

Always prioritize smoothness and efficiency, because that is what actually translates into speed in layman terms. You have to start slow so you can move fast, shooting one target while at the same time identifying the next, then smoothly moving to that target in a straight, efficient line. And while doing this.

I also highly recommend that you record your session to identify if it is either accuracy or speed that is holding you back so that you can adjust your scenario to account for that deficiency.

Dynamic/static click-timing scenario

Now find yourself a weapon that is capable of hitting targets at longer ranges, preferably one that can single-fire or do small bursts if you want to use an automatic weapon for me.

I either use the v9s or L H1, but, you know, use the weapon that you want to improve with and enjoy the most. I want you to start with the closest target and move your way back to the farthest, pumping in one to two bullets or burst into each target before moving on to the next. When you hit the target all the way in the back, start the process again, and do this for 5 minutes.

Dynamic/static strafe click-timing scenario

Dynamic/static strafe click-timing scenario

For the second click timing scenario, we're going to add a layer of difficulty to simulate a realistic scenario and strafe while performing the exercise. When you run out of ammo, I want you to duck into cover and reload, then continue where you left off.

I want you to do this for 5 minutes.

How to perform recoil warm-up & tracking scenarios

So now we'll be moving on to yet another warm-up before starting our tracking scenarios. Grab your weapon of choice. Find a wall, then grip the mouse as tight as possible and shoot the entire mag into the wall while slightly pulling down to maintain The recoil: now, when you're done with that.

I want you to release pressure and loosen up your grip, then repeat the process. What you will realize is that the harder you grip the mouse, the less control you have over the recoil and the more energy you are exerting, which can lead to injury as well as exhaustion. Improving a loose grip will not only allow you to effortlessly maintain recoil but also make tracking so much easier by curing your Parkinson's aim and replacing it with smooth beams.

Now, this will seem easy in practice, but I promise you that maintaining this posture is very difficult while in game because of the high stress situations. Our flight mechanisms will always tend to kick in, along with a subconscious need to deathgrip the mouse in the hopes that it'll give us more accuracy, which we now know is definitely not the case.

So to break this habit and rewire our thought process. I want you to somewhat loosen up your grip while performing each tracking scenario, and I also want you to do this in matches, no matter how stressful the situation is. I want you to consciously fight your need to death grip the mouse until it becomes an unconscious habit, and I'll tell you right now that it'll be difficult for around 1 to 2 weeks, but if you fight through it and maintain composure.

I guarantee your ability to track smoothly will jump leaps and.

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