50. Tips I Wish I Knew Sooner The Finals



Barrel, you can also team up with other players in a rank tournament to defeat the rage hacker together.

Ufo zipline

Sooner or later, you can actually use your zip line to get on top of the UFO when there's an alien invasion.

Flying on a zipline

Apparently, there is a way to fly in finals; you just need to place the zip line on top of the red barrel and watch it go.

How to fall off the map

You can also get yourself out of the map on a practice range by using the red barrel.

How to fight against hackers

This is how the rage hacker looks in the finals. Play around with your heavy shield, push them, and use environmental stuff such as C4s and barrels to blow them up while they are reloading.

You can break buildings with heavy charge

You can break buildings with heavy charge

As a heavy player, you can collapse the whole building by using the jump p and then jump on the edge of a building with your charge slam, which is super freaking satisfying.

Stop dying from your c4's

Instead of trying to melee a glass while holding a barrel with C Force, try to right-click to drop the item on the floor without exploding it, and then pick it up again.

Kobe cashout

If you are accurate enough, you can lend nice Coes on a catch-out.

Riot shield bug

Currently, there is a very interesting bug in the game where if you have a riot shield equipped and you are stealing the cash out, no matter whether you are standing or crouching, and doing that so enemies are on your left side, your right shield is going to be completely invisible, and you would be able to steal cash outs that you would never be able to steal.

Kill enemies with defibrilator

Without it, you can finish off low-HP targets by using your defibrillator.

Spiderman climb

On them, you can always choose an unpredictable route to climb Windows instead of going up the ladder to surprise your enemies.

How to find perfect sensitivity

How to find perfect sensitivity

If you want to find a comfortable sensitivity range, come to the edge and place your mouse on the left side of your mouse pad.

Use goo to block ladders

You can place goo in order to completely block off the flight of stairs.

Easiest way to play light

Hands down, the easiest way to play light class right now is to go for double barrel, as you have the ability to tap one tap of lights and two taps of mediums and heavys if you are close enough.

Bubble usage

While approaching someone as heavy, place your bubble for additional cover upon landing.

Destroy buildings with a crane

You can control the crane to break buildings and cause chaos on the battlefield.

Red barrel super jump

You can launch yourself up in the air by shooting the red barrel.

Red barrel c4

The most effective way to utilize your C4s is by placing them on a red barrel and throwing it to blow up multiple enemies with ease.

You can melee ziplines

Instead of shooting the zip lines, you can break them with your melee. It takes two attacks, and you can wait for someone to ride it and kill him with the second.

Funny skin diff

Funny skin diff

When enemies see a strange target on a battlefield, it's really easy to become hyperfocused and forget about anything else.

Defend teammates while on zipline

While riding a zip line, you can go first and protect your team with your shield.

Jump pad tricks

Slide into a jump pad that's been placed on an uneven surface, and then Bunny Hop a few times after to rotate faster around the map.

C4 plant pot domination

If you don't have a barrel close to you, you can always use a flower pot in order to unleash your.

Break bridge on seoul

Force You can easily collapse the whole bridge on the soul by placing a C4 below and raising it above.

Funny goo ball of death

You can create a rolling ball of death by placing a goo inside the barrier and placing a few C4s and mines on top of it.

Bubble animation cancel

You can do an animation cancel on your bubble by selecting it and quickly right-clicking after.

Grenade animation cancel

Grenade animation cancel

The same goes for nades; you can throw a glitch grenade and follow it up with a frag or a gas to get the fastest animation possible.

Destroy buildings with a hammer

There is a way to collapse the whole building using a sledgehammer, or if it's already semi-broken from all the environmental stuff, you can just go for an RPG on one of the main walls.

And watch them.

How to choose team composition

suffer, when choosing a team composition, make sure you have both heavy and medium because you want to have point presence as well as the ability to heal, fast res, and enable the heavy with zip line and jump pad movement.

Start a fight with rpg or c4 barrel

It is right to always start a fight with a double C4 barrel or an RPG for the initial high burst damage in order to quickly finish an opponent before he gets healed.

Pay attention to the map mode

When you are loading into a match, pay close attention to the top right side of your screen. It will tell you which game mode and type of map you are playing right now. For example, if you are playing heavy and you know that the map type is going to be close quarters with a lot of fights in the buildings, you would want to play shotgun, but if it's stuff like suspended structures, you can take a Louis gun.

Crouch spam while resing or stealing cashout

Crouch spam while resing or stealing cashout

While raising your teammates or stealing the cash out, you can always go for the Crouch spam, making your head harder to hit.

Proper c4 placement when defending cashout

When placing your C force in order to protect the cash out, remember that the Cash Out Steel range is a lot further than you think it is, so try to place them a little bit outside of the range for you to blow them up.

How to activate barrels with melee

You can pre-activate any barrel in the game by using your melee.

Look at what enemies are playing

button Before the game starts, pay close attention to the compositions people play. Perhaps if a team does not have a heavy player, you can tell that they will not be able to confidently steal the cash out, or if they don't have a light player, you are not afraid to push alone.

Tank damage with your shield

It is very important to tank the majority of the burst damage with your shield.

Best way to steal or defend the cashout

Wait for enemies to reload and destroy them after the easiest way to defend and still the cash out is to approach from above. You can always choose the timing of your approach and the targets that you want to focus on.

Train your aim

Train your aim

First, if you are not satisfied with the level of your mechanical aim, make sure that you go for Cox or aim laps and spend 10 to 15 minutes working on your weaknesses.

How to play without cover

When you are forced to play in an open space and you have a medium-to-heavy composition, make sure that you use your heavy as a wall to press W with his shield together.

This will drastically improve your chances of survival and make you very dangerous.

50 tips to dominate ranked and have more fun in The Finals for beginners and experienced players.
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