25 Tips To Help You Improve The Finals "works After Patch 1.5.1

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Because you guys showed the last article so much love. I put together another tips and tricks article to help you get a better advantage because I'm tired of your teammates telling you your truth, and it's true. I'm not going to lie, so don't worry; I'm here to help and change you, so let's go. You can use vertical zip lines to scale up the building from side to side like this.

I'm not entirely sure why or how this is useful, but yeah, you could do it. I mean, you can avoid shots and stuff, but not only that, two melee hits can destroy a zipline. This is useful because you know nobody's trying to follow you on a zip line. You don't want them to follow you. Up, listen Sometimes you're going to have more bread than a mozzarella stick, and if you're about to die when you're trying to deposit, yeah, by the way, this isn't banket; if you're about to die, just kill yourself.

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In the game, therefore, if your opponent doesn't get the coins and they fall off the map with you, then nobody can have them. Listen, I'm a hater. I don't care back in Vany with another tip, but listen right, so if you have brain-dead teammates and you know that they're just going to collect the money and you know that it would be better in your hands but you don't want it to fly all over the place and jump on top of the ball you see, your ass is so fat in this game that it'll just collect all the coins and you'll be able to just do what you want to do with it instead of them getting half of it, you getting half of it, you get all of it, and you can just deposit it if you shoot the pin on the red canister.

It'll actually go ahead and go flying, but shooting the body of it does nothing, so if you want it to go far, shoot the pin. Goog grenades will actually cut off the stairways of people trying to follow you. Not only that, but this window that I have made plenty of times, I swear to God, I have you can't go through for some odd reason.

I have no idea why this happens, but this happens, so yeah, now being a good teammate means reviving your teammates, but before reviving your teammates, ask your teammates if you are reliable. This tip should actually be ignored. Why i'm glad you. Nine times out of 10, your teammate will say yes, I am reliable, so just do your own thing because they just want to get revenge.

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I'm going to do my own thing. Seriously, you can actually put more than one weapon in your reserve, so let's say you have items that you're using that you're sure you want to use, like I'm sure I want to use the jump pad. I'm sure I want to use the zipline. I'm sure I want to use the gas grenade.

You can actually put different weapons, like actual weapons, into your reserve, so you can have like three weapons in your reserve, you can have like two weapons in your reserve, and then you can use all three of those weapons every time you die and switch them out and whatnot, and this and the third, so don't just put one weapon in your reserve if you know for a fact that these are the items that you want to use and the gadgets that you want to use.


Make sure you put more weapons in your reserve, depending on the situation that you might have. Getting yourself into the heel beam is probably the only thing that can counter the fart gas. Now I already know what you're going to say. Yes, the fire can set the gas on fire, but to disperse the damage to the gas, you need to make it a different type of damage; therefore, you're still taking damage; it's just in a different type.

But the healing beam heals for the same amount of damage that the gas does, so if you're trying to steal the cash out, understand that you can while being healed in the gas; this does not work on randoms. So listen, sometimes the cash out is going to be in an elevator. This is not the best place to be because the elevators in this game are actually indestructible.

I'm going to slow this down for yall because I know some of y'all are a bit on that side, so in the tournament game mode, you get a limited amount of respawns. I know you already know this. I know you guys are friends, and I know you want to shoot at everything you see move, but let's say you're down to two people on the team and you are literally camping the statue of their bodies.

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You should actually strive to keep the last person on the other team alive. Why I'm glad you asked: If you let them all die at once, they will respawn together, and now you're going to be taking a fair 3v3. You don't want to take a fair 3v3, you want to take consistent 1v3s in your favor, so keep on pressing the tab or whichever button you're going to see to see who's alive and who's dead.

You can tell who's alive and who's dead by the death skull icon next to their name. Once you see this is gone, you can push the last guy you were keeping alive because, technically speaking, that guy is going to be out of position over pushed, therefore he will be an easy down, and you will be able to go into a 2v3.

They will have spent their respawn coins, and they will have to just keep on depleting them. Keep on depleting them. Keep on depleting them, which is what you want. The only way to counter this if you're on the enemy team and they're doing this to you is really to just go big or go home; it's either you fully commit a hard push and everyone dies and respawns together, saving the coins for a second attempt.


Or, everyone downs the other people, and then you get the cash out to now defend; do not try to be Kobe; hold on; watch me. Kobe this, [__] you're not no way, Imagine, yo, how you feel how you feel right. Now, stay over here, my, because this game is meant to work against you, so even if you are a light like how I am now and you know that you are able to go through these small events, at times you will not be able to go through.

I'm glad you asked, and I think it's because I'm black, so I'm sure you guys already know the G-grenade trampoline trick where you put the go grenade and then you angle the jump pad in a certain way to make you move forward. I posted it in my last article, but using the G grenade with the jump pad in low gravity will actually send you flying across the map, so if you ever see long gravity, you can just do it.


We're going to fly. See, the interactable things that are on the map that you go up to and press e on, you don't actually have to go up to them and press e to use them on; you can actually just shoot at them and the same thing will happen; they will activate the same way if you shoot at them, so make sure you shoot at them, or if you're not close enough and you want to activate it, shoot at them.

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