16 The Finals Tips You Wouldn't Think Were Real


Jumping off the edge of the map in the finals is highly recommended, and it could even win you games. Yeah, you probably never would have thought you'd be hearing that. Well, here's the thing: there are some secret spots where you can kind of rat into a more suitable situation. For example, if you need to rest your teammates or ninja steal a cash out, it turns out that yes, there are some little spots that you can learn.

There could be a great hiding space, and I managed to find this spot, which will later help me stay alive long enough to go and steal the C-out. Tip number two: how to deal with Annoying stun guns and this tip even work on the best players in the world. This is the number one light player, 64 in the leaderboards, alongside one of his teammates, who's 72 in the leaderboards.

You'll notice I got stunned and shocked by this player who was in Cloak, but we still manage to take them down simply because we understand how the stun gun works. All it does is slow you down, stop you from using your abilities, and most importantly, force you into hip fire. The best counter to stun guns is simply to have a hit-hit-fire strong weapon like the M11 or either of the shotguns on heavy and medium.

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You may not want to keep these weapons, so simply have them on reserve in case you come into a tournament against a bunch of light players. Speaking of reserves, did you know that you can have multiple weapons in your reserve slot if you're very sure about their utility? you're going to use in a game, for example, your gadgets, then you can have a bunch of other weapons in case you have different encounter situations, where you know, for example, you got a bunch of shotgun heavyweights against you, then you may want to take like a sniper, for example, to counter them.

The most powerful weapons in the finals are plant pots. I'm not even joking. If you play Heavy Double-Stack C4 on any object, for example, a plant pot, throw it at an enemy, detonate the C4 remotely, and your insta kill anyone in its radius, even Heavies, it does 400+ damage. It's ridiculously overpowered and will win you games.

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One man's trash is another man's explosives. It's stupid if you've got an AFK teammate that refuses to play or if it's just trolling. Just use their statue as a permanent C4 destruction tool. Throw your C4 on the statue and throw it into enemies and destroy them, and unlike other objects in this game, the statue won't be destroyed, so you can just go and collect it and use it again.

If your teammates aren't going to help you themselves, then you can force them to help you if you're in a situation where you can't get your teammates to respawn them and you're playing tournament mode, so you have limited respawn tokens. Just look at their statues and shake your head; your teammates will get the idea, and they'll respawn with their tokens.

A nice little tip to communicate when you don't have text chat or voice chat available: if the time is running out, you need to steal a cash out, but both of your teammates are dead. Instead of trying to rush in there to rest them, if your team has tokens, just sit there near the cashout and wait for them to respawn.


And they're going to spawn next to you, giving you all a chance to push together to take that cash out now. If you're playing quick cash, it doesn't matter, but in ranked mode, you have limited respawns, but a lot of people just don't use them because they're scared they run out. But in a situation like this, you absolutely want to use them, or at least get your teammates to use them, and just like before, just shake your screen to say no, and your teammates will get the idea that they need to respawn.

If you're using the cloak ability, you're not entirely invisible. If you're running, you'll be at least invisible. If you're walking, you'll be slightly visible but almost entirely invisible, and if you stand completely still, you will be completely invisible. This is a neat trick with the grapple.

If you grapple at the ground right in front of you, just behind the enemy you're attacking, you'll grapple straight behind them at speed, but then you can chain two bunny hops at full momentum and completely bamboozle them if you want to get away from a heavy. Remember these little vents because only lights and mediums can fit through here.

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To help set up better defenses, you can double melee zip lines to completely destroy them. Some people don't know this, but if you have the trip wires and turrets modifier for Las Vegas, there's literally a button you can press that turns it on and off, so if you're defending a cash point and you need to quickly run in there, make sure you turn it off first; otherwise, you're going to get bared with bullets from an undestroyable turret.

You can actually put two cash boxes into a single cashout, and this can be useful in some situations. For example, if you're working overtime and there's still a bit more time before the other cash out disappears, then if you pop it into your own cash out, then that means you don't have to worry about someone else starting another cash out if you're first place in a tournament then putting all of the money in a single cash out or ensure that even if someone steals it then you're still going to be second place because only one team will get money instead of two essentially meaning you'll only go down one spot and will still qualify This isn't the only case where double cashouts can be really useful.

Okay, now here's a scenario that could help you qualify for tournament games. Let's say you are in second place and a final cashout has just started. However, the team that started the cashout is in first place. In this case, you may feel the pressure to go and try and capture that cash-out box so that you don't lose.

However, this may not be the right play as long as the first-place team stays in first place and you stay in second place. Both of you are going to qualify, so instead of trying to attack the cash-out point and try to steal it, which can be really tricky when all four teams are in the same area, try to defend it.

Try and help first place by attacking the other two teams who are going to be feeling the pressure a lot more than you try to eliminate those players on teams three and four and try to do as much damage to them whilst it's not really putting any pressure on the box itself because then basically the odds are in your favor.

You have two teams defending the cash out, versus two teams attacking as opposed to three teams just going at it with one team, defending, because if that one team who is defending loses against any of those three teams, you're probably not going to qualify, unless you're somehow the lucky team that manages to steal the cash out.

16 THE FINALS Tips You Wouldn't Think Were Real - If you are looking for THE FINALS tips and tricks to be a better player, this THE FINALS guide has you covered. The Gaming Merchant explains 16 pro tricks you can use in THE FINALS to get ahead of the competition and beat other players and win more THE FINALS matches.
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