The Finals: 50 Tips Every New Player Needs To Know

50 tips

In this article I gathered 50 of my best tips and tricks for the finals and put them all into this one article for you we'll go over everything from how you can double your FPS New Movement Texs and even how to get better at the finals overall so without wasting any time did you know that if you wait to put the Vault into a cash out while a team is respawning, it will actually force them to spawn further away from the cash out this can be super helpful especially for the final round as there's only two teams and you can force your opponents to have to walk across the map if you slide into a jump pad you'll gain more momentum and go further pair this with angling your jump pad on roofs and other surfaces to Traverse the map as fast as possible take this a step further by throwing some goo down and angling your pad on that ensuring you always have an angled pad to cover more distance, for my heavy mains you don't have as much movement potential sadly but if you're using the goo gun you can build a goo Tower or bridge to help keep up with the other classes movement abilities.

It is a bit slow, but it's better than nothing. Sometimes the light class has a lot of movement options, but you can take the grapple to the next level by putting a motion sensor on a red canister, throwing it, and then grappling onto it right away. This will let you fly around with the barrel, but your grapple will end once the canister explodes.

If you want to win by any means necessary, then consider playing heavy with the C4. Attach the C4 to any throwable item, but preferably one of the explosive barrels, to instantly kill your opponents. This is by far the most broken and easy way to get kills right now, so be sure to use it before it's possibly fixed.

advanced tips

Most of you probably know that you can push these buttons to move bridges and other objects around the map, but did you know you can actually shoot these buttons to activate them as well? This could be super helpful for making a quick escape on a bridge or putting up a barricade as you're running away.

Grenades are so useful in the finals, but most people don't realize that you can actually underhand them as well to shorten your range. All you need to do is right-click instead of left-click. This is perfect for dropping nades below you or at your feet as you run away from a player. This trick works with pretty much all throwables, including the Heavy's Dome Shield.

A lot of heavy players will left click to throw the Dome Shield, but this can cause it to have too much momentum and bounce far away from where you actually wanted it to go, so instead, just right click and look down a little to have it drop at your feet if you're ever in the Knockout Zone and just need a little extra cash to reach second place.

beginners guide

Remember that tapping the vaults gives you $1, 000, and if you put the vault into a cash out, you'll get an additional $2, 000. Every kill is also worth $200, so it's normally not worth it to purely go for kills unless Death Match is enabled, which will increase the amount you get for kills. If your team wipes out ranks, you'll lose 30% of your team's total cash, which is another reason why purely going for kills can be a little risky.

Try to tap vaults and stay alive to ensure that you don't get put in the knockout zone. For those of you lucky enough to have a 490, be sure to turn on DLS frame generation. Unfortunately, if you don't have a 490, this setting won't be available to you, but if you do, you can easily double your FPS with this setting alone while we're in the settings.

Be sure to turn your fov up, as the lower it is, the less information you'll be able to take in, which will hurt your gameplay a lot. You also feel like you're moving faster with a higher fov, so I highly recommend playing on 90 to 100 fov. You're also going to want to turn off motion blur, as this is going to hurt your visibility in the game while offering no real benefits.


The same goes for lens distortion; this will add subtle refractions at the edges of your screen and some chromatic aberration, which all hurt your visibility. Your quality settings Be sure to set your view distance to Epic; that way, you can see as much as possible. Be sure to turn down the other settings, though, as you don't want your FPS to be really low.

I like to run everything on low with view distance as the only thing turned up in the gameplay settings. Be sure to turn on enemy team colors; that way, each enemy player you look at will be highlighted with the color corresponding to their team. This will help you avoid getting confused about which team you're fighting with.

If you've ever tried to defib your teammate while in a bush, you may have realized that it doesn't work, and that's because if there's anything even slightly blocking your teammate's statue, the defib will not connect, so simply pick up their statue with the F key and drop them in an open spot to revive them.


There are a few cannons around the map that you can interact with, and when you do, they'll actually launch a cannon that is capable of destroying structures. The gas can be really annoying, but did you know that fire from pyron nades or yellow barrels actually gets rid of it? Smoke grenades and canisters also get rid of fire, so be sure to remember this next time your teammate accidentally sets off all those mines.

Speaking of smoke grenades, did you know that you can actually see through smoke using the light class's thermal vision? I think the thermal vision is pretty underrated, and paired with the smoke grenades, you can actually make some pretty cool plays. If you're ever running the cloak on light, consider taking the vanishing bomb as well.

It may seem a little bit redundant, but the vanishing bomb actually stops the cloak use timer, so if you use the two gadgets properly, you can basically have your invisibility up at all times. There's also a distinct sound when you use both the cloak and the vanishing bomb, so be sure to keep an ear out for this sound.

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Time to disappear, Chances are that if you hear this, you've got a light player about to flank you if you're playing ranked. I have a tip for you: get extra ELO from each of your games. Most people don't realize this, but if you're first in the knockout rounds, you get an extra 25 ELO. This doesn't sound like much, but if you place first every round, it can really add up.

If you're ever wondering if you can pick up an item or not, just look for the blue glow; this glow means you're able to pick up this item, and if you crouch, you can actually extend the reach of your grab, allowing you to pick up these items from a further distance, which could be really helpful. Sometimes you can destroy ladders and zip lines by simply shooting or meleeing; this can be extremely useful if you're defending a cash out on an elevated structure.

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